international sourcing

The global economy continues to open new opportunities for commerce and enterprise. JIT has been sourcing products overseas for over 15 years. We work in partnership with our clients to support every aspect of their needs. We are service providers and relationship builders.

Client teams consist of buyers, procurement teams, engineers, quality controllers and designers. This team approach enables our international procurement specialist to source the right products.

We work with manufacturing teams in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, countries in the European Union, United States and Canada to ensure accountability, reliability and transparent communication between all parties.

JIT is unique in it’s ability to work as a single source supplier. We are a one stop shop for sourcing. procurement, engineering, quality control and testing, freight and logistics, domestic warehousing, fulfillment and domestic shipping. JIT has developed relationships that span generations, with a global portfolio of manufacturing, ocean, air and ground transportation to ensure direct sourcing of quality products.

At JIT your business can depend on our business!
Speak to one of our solution architects today and learn how we can help you with international sourcing. Call: 1-888-665-6692 or 416-665-6600 in Toronto


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